Hey parents! Stop by the kids’ tent for fun, educational activities and crafts! For parents with wee ones, it is a great place to rest in the shade – this year a sponsorship from Mamalode has helped us to expand our Parents’ Lounge! Changing table, baby potties, and feeding area will be available. Thanks to our premier sponsor, Mountain Sky Guest Ranch Fund, this year we’ve teamed up with the Montana Outdoor Science School, Women’s Foundation of Montana, and Montana Discovery Foundation to provide more fun opportunities for the kids to learn. Please note: the kids’ tent is not a babysitting service, this is not a place to drop off your kiddos. There is a clear view of the main stage from the tent, so stick around and listen while your kids are learning, playing and crafting!

In addition to our special events below, join us for these fun activities from 3pm-6pm Friday, 11am-6pm Saturday, and 11am-5pm Sunday! Face painting, kids book corner, wildflower activities, coloring, animal furs exploration, kids roping, MOSS stream table, and more…!


Montana Outdoor Science School

Get your hands messy with MOSS – planning, building, and experimenting in our 20 ft2 stream table. This oversized sandbox has a river running through it, and we will spend the weekend watching the water’s course, putting things into and taking things out of it, and building structures right into the streambed. Come find us in the kids’ tent where we will be guiding stream-related exploration on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. For more information about MOSS educational programs, visit

Recipe for a River: Friday, July 29th 3:45 PM
What makes a river a river? How do rivers grow from their headwaters to their mouth, and how do they grow over time? During this investigation you will work with friends to figure out our flowing stream table, stocked with ingredients for you to create a model river. How will your river affect the land around it, and how will the land affect your river?

One drip, two drips, red drips, blue drips: Saturday, July 30th 12:00 PM
What is a watershed, and to where does all the water shed? On Saturday you will get a chance to add colorful chemicals to our stream table and observe their travel. Where does pollution come from? How do pollutants change the river, and why does it matter? Come investigate and answer these questions on Saturday.

Dams, bridges, and levees, oh my!: Sunday, July 31st 12:00 PM
Challenge your construction skills by building structures in and near flowing water. Maybe you want to make a working waterwheel, or perhaps you have in mind a perfect creekside cabin. Sunday you will take reign over our pile of construction materials, and mold them to fit your vision.


Montana Discovery Foundation

The Montana Discovery Foundation is organized to involve citizens in conserving and enhancing natural resources within the Helena National Forest and surrounding areas in order to achieve and maintain sustainable, healthy landscapes, resources, and communities. Come to the kids tent at Friday, Saturday and Sunday to participate in the following MDF programs. To learn more about MDF, visit
Exploring Fire Science: Friday, July 29th 5:00 PM
Become a fire scientist – doing experiments with real fire on a simulated landscape! We’ll learn about wildland fire in Montana and keeping a fire-safe yard.
Going on a Bear Hunt, with a Red Ant Craft Bonus!: Saturday, July 30th 4:30 PM
Learn about being safe in bear country with the beloved children’s song “Going on a Bear Hunt”. Then let’s make a red ant “chip clip” to take home – after all, ants are among a bear’s many favorite foods!
Edible Anthills: Sunday, July 31st 2:30 PM
Learn about the incredible science behind ant colonies – then create a delicious snack anthill!


Women’s Foundation of Montana

The Women’s Foundation of Montana’s work benefits women and girls as well as our communities overall. As the only statewide fund dedicated to funding for women and girls, donations are leveraged through our endowment. Our research, initiatives and grant-making are focused on lasting change for women and girls. Learn more at:

Eye Spy, Nanosand and Ooblecks!: Saturday, July 30th 3:00 PM
Nano what? Big things sometimes come from the tiniest worlds!  Join the Women’s Foundation of Montana in learning about nanoscale science and engineering through hands-on activities and demonstrations for kids and adults. You can learn about several types of small-scale science, including microfilms and nanosand! Come play a game of eye spy, give oobleck a squeeze, check out hydrophobic nanosand and put together a stained glass window!