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Saturday, July 26th • 9:30pm • Main Stage

Brandi Carlile has spent the better part of the last decade traversing the planet, bringing her music to an ever-growing fan following. “BEAR CREEK” sees the singer/songwriter using the experience garnered from life on the road to elevate her already astonishing artistry to a new plane. The album is marked by Carlile’s earthy, naturalistic approach to recording, with songs like “Raise Hell” and “That Wasn’t Me” set apart by intuitive, inventive instrumentation and Brandi’s remarkable vocals – by turns nuanced and raw, brilliantly uninhibited and always expressive. “BEAR CREEK” stands as a major milestone for Carlile, the moment in which she integrated the knowledge and skills accumulated over the past eight years to craft her most personal and definitive work thus far.

“You take what you learn from situations and marry them with your own ideas,” she says. “That’s what happened with ‘BEAR CREEK,’ that’s why it’s such an important record for me.”

Dynamic, affective, and uncommonly moving, “BEAR CREEK” fully confirms Brandi Carlile as a truly incandescent talent, the kind of artist whose work truly defies easy categorization but for one. “When I was growing up, I didn’t think for a second that Bob Dylan wasn’t a country singer or that Johnny Cash wasn’t a rock ‘n’ roll singer,” Carlile says. “What mattered was what they were saying and what the instruments sounded like behind them. They weren’t following any trends, they just sounded great. ‘Great’ is a genre in and of itself.”