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For general festival information please contact info [at] redantspantsmusicfestival [dot] com

For sponsor information please contact Bree, sponsors [at] redantspantsmusicfestival [dot] com

For press information please contact Kathy, press [at] redantspantsmusicfestival [dot] com

For marketing information please contact Kathy, marketing [at] redantspantsmusicfestival [dot] com

For information on volunteering please contact Rebecca, volunteers [at] redantspantsmusicfestival [dot] com


206 E Main Street • PO Box 637 • White Sulphur Springs, MT • 59645

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Where is the festival?
A: The festival is located just three miles outside of White Sulphur Springs, MT. For directions to the festival please visit our travel page. The festival grounds are located on the Jackson Ranch, which serves double duty as a cow pasture during non-festival season.


Q: Is there a shuttle that runs from White Sulphur Springs to the festival grounds?
A: Yes, we invest in two large buses to run continuously between the festival grounds and eight stops in town every 15-20 minutes throughout the festival weekend. The shuttle is free, more information on our general info page.


Q: What can I bring into the festival grounds?
A: We want you to come prepared, so please bring those things that will make your festival experience a great one. We do not allow weapons, coolers, glass, or pets in the festival grounds.


Q: Is there shade at the festival?
A: We have three large shade structures on the festival grounds. We do recommend bringing a hat and plenty of sunscreen as our shade structures fill up quickly!


Q: Are high-back chairs, umbrellas, or shade tents allowed in the festival grounds?
A: Yes, we do allow these items into the festival grounds. A special zoning area will be enforced behind the general seating area, where individuals with these items may sit. NEW THIS YEAR our canopy/tent/umbrella area starts 30′ farther back from the map path that transects the infield. Please review the Festival map in advance and be respectful of the view of those behind you when using these items.


Q: Will there be potable water at the festival?
A: Yes, there will be a large potable water truck with several spigots to fill your water bottles in the food vendor area. Ice will also be sold on the festival grounds.


Q: What kind of vehicles are allowed in the campground? Can I bring my giant RV?
A: Our campgrounds are expansive, folks. We can accommodate your 40 foot RV, teepee, or sheep wagon with no problem. Even if you show up on Saturday evening, there will be plenty of room for you. Remember, there are no hookups.


Q: Can I camp next to my best friend who is arriving at the festival after me?
A: We do not allow you to save camping spots for anyone who has not arrived with you. If you would like to have a guaranteed spot next to your buddies, we suggest you arrive together.


Q: Can I bring my dog, cat, or pet ferret?
A: We do not allow any pets in the campground or festival grounds. It’s hot, dry, and loud out in that cow pasture, and no place for our four legged friends. There are many pet boarding options in Helena, Great Falls, and Bozeman. Unfortunately, there are no pet boarding options in White Sulphur Springs. Certified service animals are allowed with prior permission, please contact info [at] redantspantsmusicfestival [dot] com in advance to submit your request.