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Diamond Joe

Saturday, July 30th • 1:00pm • Side Stage


Inspired by the long standing tradition of families connecting through traditional music, the Kinkeade family band, Diamond Joe, enjoys the residue of hard work.   Sam Kinkeade, age 17, began studying fiddle at the age of 5. His brother Joe, 15, took up the five string banjo when he turned 5.

Sam and Joe were encouraged to practice by their Dad, Tim Kinkeade, who plays guitar.  The trio “adopted” (not really) neighbor Neo Ting, 14, after he demonstrated the desire to join the band and the willingness to endure blistered fingers learning to play the upright bass for Diamond Joe.

Built on a foundation of traditional bluegrass, Diamond Joe draws inspiration from many different genres of music.  Performances range from traditional to jam-grass.