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Friday, July 25th • 4pm • Main Stage

The Hasslers, a five piece country-rock outfit from western Montana, are tough to pin a label on. “People call us Country Western because that’s where we’re from,” says frontman Matt Hassler, “but these guys play whatever fits the content. If it’s a song about the hometown, generally you’ll hear some twang, but we try to keep it more interesting than that.”

Their newest EP, entitled “Pull” is set for release in early June, and features a sound altogether different from their first eponymous release. Thematically and musically, the songs are more mature, but they haven’t lost that sense of dirt-road adventure that makes their live performance so genuine. With songs that put the spotlight on a rural corner of the world that is both culturally unique and creatively untapped, these kids embody the kind of small town pride you can raise a glass to. Genuine, hard-hitting, MT folk-rock, erudite pool-hall rock, doesn’t matter what you call it, it’s fun to watch and it’s good to listen to.